Civilitas foundation published a report on Parliamentarian Elections 2012

The Civilitas Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of its new mid-year report dedicated to the May 6, 2012 parliamentary elections in Armenia. The report, entitled ELECTIONS 2012 — A VIEW FROM WITHIN is the product of discussions and consultations by those who have watched this election and those who came before as observers, journalists, analysts and citizens. Press service of Civilitas Foundation informs about this.

Like the annual reports themselves, the purpose is to provide context and information to explain events and trends, intentions and actions.

Most of all, the attempt is to provide a long-view and some perspective on policies, for those in government, those wishing to enter government, or for civil society actors or others in the public sector. By presenting information on the changing electoral environment, the changing electoral processes and the observations and conclusions of local and international monitors, this report may help serve to better understand what did and didn’t happen and what can be expected in the all-important 2013 presidential election to come.

According to the source the report does not pretend to assess the integrity of the process nor the legitimacy of the outcome. It attempts to present a general view of the context and the processes — a view from within.

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