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An Ambulance vehicle was shelled and destroyed by the Azerbaijani side on April 6 in Nagorno Karabakh, Press Secretary of the President of Nagorno Karabakh Davit Babayan informed “Armenpress”.

“This once again testifies to the fact that in the face of Azerbaijan, we are dealing with a terrorist state. According to the Geneva Convention an Ambulance cannot be targeted. This is impossible, this is contrary to every international humanitarian norm. This shows that Azerbaijan does not respect any humanitarian norm,” David Babayan said.

According to him, the Ambulance crew survived, during the shelling they were away from the vehicle. David Babayan said that the Ambulance was targeted intentionally: apparently it was targeted based on an Azerbaijani UAV’s information about its whereabouts.

Davit Babayan informed that during the night the adversary made some ceasefire violations.

“Currently I can say that it is relatively calm,” Babayan said.