Politician: “Artsakh is a symbol of struggle for freedom for the Lezgins”

Today at “Armat” press-club politician Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan met journalists and spoke about the causes of Azerbaijani inner conflicts. He also referred to the possible consequences of the conflicts’ development and their possible influence on Artsakh conflict and Armenian-Azerbaijani relation.  

Politician underlined that Azerbaijani native nations, including Lezgins, are now in the same situation, which Armenians in Artsakh were on the end of 1980.

Referring to the protest rallies in Guba town settled mostly with Lezgins, the politicians ensured that official Baku aimed to assimilate the native nations and ignore their national pride.

“Ignoring and offensing the native nations is a part of Azerbaijani official policy. Armenians in Artsakh were in the same situation till 1988, when Azerbaijan did everything to make obstacles for Armenians to develop educational system or national culture. And Artsakh is a symbol of struggle for freedom for Lezgins. If Armenians in Artsakh managed to get independence, so they also are able to do it. We are occupied by mainly with enemy countries, so we accept them as political factor”, the speaker underlined. 

Politician also informed that Lezgin activists spread information by the Internet according which the Police have already sought the organizers of the protests. “Azerbaijani propaganda connects all this with the social condition and tries to cover the struggle which native nations lead for their rights”, H. Melik-Shahnazaryan said.

According to him it is noticeable that the problems of the native nations are discussed in the media recently. The politician also noted that the events in Guba have no connection with Arab Spring: the problem is national here.

“Azerbaijani authorities will keep retreat position will they find out who are the organizers of the protests. Azerbaijan set free 22 arrested people in order not to make the situation more strained. I do not think Azerbaijan will be so clever to think something else and it will press the activists by the traditional measures”, politician underlined.

H. Melik-Shahnazaryan also considers that the situation will become more strained in order the international society to have opportunity to make more pressure on Azerbaijani authorities.

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