Land tenure, usage of lands and agricultural issues are paid special attention in Artsakh

On 28 March President of the Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan convoked a working consultation dedicated to the activities of the State Committee of Real Estate Cadastre and the realization of strategic socioeconomic projects in the country’s southern sections. Central Information Department of the Office of Artsakh Republic President informs about this.

Head of the State Committee of Real Estate Cadastre Levon Grigoryan delivered a corresponding report on the first question of the agenda. President Sahakyan underlined that special attention should be paid to the proper land tenure, preservation of targeted and effective usage of lands, adding that those issues to a great extend predetermine successful implementation of the planned projects, especially in the sphere of agriculture.

Touching upon the development of republic’s southern regions the Head of the State put a special emphasize on founding there a corresponding base station that would serve as a infrastructural hub consisting of all the necessary technical and social elements.

Artsakh President Sahakyan gave concrete assignments to the heads of corresponding structures on proper implementation of the discussed issues.

Premier Ara Haroutyunyan and other officials partook at the consultation.

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