A. Hovhannisyan: Armenian Ministry of Defense widely cooperates with the NGOs and initiatives

Press secretary of Armenian Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan has commented on the accusations which are voiced against the Public Council of the Armenian Ministry of Defense. Mr. Hovhannisyan especially said:

“During the last time some media representatives spread accusations and calls against the Public Council of the Armenian Ministry of Defense and the chairman of the council Gegham Harutyunyan. These accusations and rumors are just political interests.
If there are some social initiatives which want to participate in the settlement of the Army problems, so they are welcomed to be involved in the works.

We call on the NGOs and social initiatives to participate in the formulation of the new staff of the Public Council. We have already made an announcement on the theme.

Let me also add that the noted council is only one of the measures to connect the Army and the society. Armenian Ministry of Defense cooperates widely with the NGOs and initiatives and has a concrete program. It holds various events. These events are fulfilled both jointly with the Public Council and with other departments as well.”

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