Armenian Men’s Team celebrates the next victory at the 40th Chess Olympiad

Armenian Men’s Chess National Team has again celebrated victory at the 3rd round of the 40th Chess Olympiad which is held in Istanbul, Turkey. This time Spanish team was Armenian sportsmen’s rival. Armenian team won the match with 2.5:1.5 score and now they have six points. This is the maximum result.

Armenian GMs Tigran Petrosyan, Gabriel Sargsyan and Sergei Movsisyan played in drawn appropriately against Korneev, Migel Iliescas Kordoba and Ivan Lopez Salgado. Levon Aronyan won the match against Francesco Valekho Pons and gave the winning point to the Armenian team.

Armenian Women’s National Team lost the game against Indian team on the third round. Now Armenian girls have 4 points from six possible result.


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