Levon Aronian: ”Armenia rules”

Armenian GM, advanced player of Armenian chess team Levon Aronian wrote in his Twitter page after yesterday’s brilliant victory: ”We won the Olympiad !! So proud to be a part of a team like this! Hurray hurray hurray! Armenia rules !!!!”.

Remind that Armenian chess-players won the last game at the World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul and got the honored title of Olympiad winner.

First Levon Aronian and Garbriel Sargsyan ended their matches appropriately with Peter Leko and Ference Berkes. Both pairs ended in drawn. Then Sergei Movsisyan won the game against Zoltan Amasi. Vladimir Hakobyan-Hudit Polgar match also ended peacefully.
Armenian team won Hungarian team with score 2.5:1.5 and was announced Olympic champion with 19 points.

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