Raffi Hovhannisyan in Abovyan town: “Don’t tell king anyone”

Head of the “Heritage” party Raffi Hovhannisyan had a meeting with the electors in Kotayq region, Abovyan town. Hovhannisyan walked in the town cities and then had a meeting at the town central squares.

As the 1in.am informs Raffi Hovhannisyan presented his traditional remarks saying that this is not the struggle of the parties or the struggle between Serzh and Raffi but this was the struggle of the nation.
“I have met Russian, German, US Ambassadors. I respect them but they also must respect me. Moscow is the Armenian strategic partner, but it must respect our national interest as well as the strategic cooperation exists.

I recognize one flag, one state and there is one nation so I claim world leaders do not play geopolitical games with Armenian nation. We will not give up. May be a week or a month is needed by I will never give up”, he said and underlined that Armenian nation has won.

Concluding his speech Raffi Hovhannisyan asked the citizens not to call “the king” anyone.


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