Ecologist: “We claim the mayor to come and have public discussion”

Today at “Hayeli” (“Mirror”) press-club ecologist Karine Danielyan, activist-lawyer Mary Khachatryan and architect Levon Igityan spoke about the events in Mashtots Park.

Karine Danielyan noted that Mashtots Park is one of the unique green territories in Yerevan and the protection of the Park is good just for Yerevan.

“This is just a part of the whole problem. Struggle is going on in every yard in Yerevan. Armenia must realize at last that public interest means and the protection of the green territory is our public interest. We have lost just the half of our green territories during last some years. Constructions in city killed Yerevan both ecologically and historically”, K. Danielyan said.

According to the ecologist the existence of the kiosks in Abovyan city was a great shame. She also informed that the issue would be soon discussed in the Public Council.

“I have problem not with the Mayor, but with his close frames, as he was offered no one alternative. Japanese saw how the city was thick and announced that there are seismic risks”, K. Danielyan underlined.

Architect Levon Igityan noted that the owners of the kiosks have legal rights, they have agreements which term must be completed. He is also sure that if the kiosks are situated at Mashtots Park, it will be a temporary solution. According to him “Old Yerevan” project will start as soon as the weather becomes warmer and the kiosks will be removed.

“This is an effective variant as those kiosks will not remain in the Park more that two years. We know well that these kiosks belong to officials who have the rights as owners”, Igityan said.

Answering to the question whether he was in the Park or not, the architect said that it is not his place. “I have no work there it is not architects’ problem but it is Mayors’ problem”.

Activist-lawyer Mary Khachatryan noted in her turn that they claim to have a healthy atmosphere and it is a Constitutional right.

“When the kiosks were transferred from Abovyan Street, we were encouraged and had some hope connected with the new Mayor. We claim the Mayor to come to have a public conversation. The owners of the kiosks can also attend the conversation. May be the kiosk owners give their kiosks to the city. We claim to stop the construction in the park till the public discussion”, M. Khachatryan underlined.

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