CSTO Secretary General: “In critical situation CSTO will assist Armenia”

Today at “Novosti” international media center press-conference of CSTO Secretary General Nikolay Bordyuzha took place. The video call format was used during the press conference and Yerevan, Astana, Kiev and Kishinev were on touch.

CSTO SG noted that their organization had had an active work during the past eight years.

“CSTO has found itself and realizes how to act. We have had a real success in the coordination of foreign policy.

Now we must pay main attention to the using of created mechanisms. First of all they are for the quick reaction during the critical situations, struggle against the drugs, illegal migration”, Bordyuzha said.  

Answering to the question whether CSTO had any plans to expand its staff Secretary General said that there were no applications for membership but CSTO was ready to cooperate with various countries. “For example 22 countries cooperate with us on struggle against drug illegal transfer”, he underlined.

Speaking about frozen conflicts of the CSTO member countries and especially referring to the NK issue, N. Bordyuzha noted that CSTO did not mediate in the settlement process but held monitoring of the process. “Armenia is our ally but Minsk Group exists which is engaged in this issue”.

The speaker also underlined that in any critical situation CSTO will assist Armenia as its complete member. “Armenia has the same rights and responsibilities as the other members have. In this case Armenia has right to get assistance for its territorial integrity”, Bordyuzha said adding that the type and volume of assistance will depend on the current critical situation.

CSTO SG underlined that CSTO has not only military but also political and peacekeeping potential.

Bordyuzha informed that he would visit Yerevan in the middle of March to discuss the fulfillment of the agreements which Armenian and Russian Presidents got before. 

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