Armenian newspapers: elections are coming

“Haykakan zhamanak”writes that Armenian Revolutionary Federation claims that they do not discuss the list for the elections yet. “But if we take into consideration the principles of the previous lists and also take the information from the media, so we can intend that ARF top ten will have the following image:

  1. Hrant Margaryan
  2. Vahan Hovhannisyan
  3. Armen Rostamyan
  4. Levon Mkrtchyan
  5. Lilit Galstyan
  6. Davit Loqyan
  7. Arthur Aghabekyan
  8. Aghvan Vardanyan
  9. Artsvik Minastyan
  10. Aramayis Grigoryan”, the newspaper predicts.

The newspaper also predicts that the election may be nominated not early as May 2.

According to“Zhokhovurd”students ofYerevan“Haybusak” university are claimed to bring their passports in order to get tickets of the “Prosperous Armenia” Party. The rector of the university denied the information completely. According to the newspaper the students claimed that they are forced to get those tickets.

As“Yerkir”writes quoting its own sources close to the RPA, many people in the party are against businesswoman Silva Hambardzumyan to become a party member. Now RPA leadership does not know how to act. Silva Hambardzumyan is also surprised. She said that she would announce about her political decisions on February 10, but now she keeps silence.

As “Chorrord inqnishkhanutyun”writes “State of law” gives pre-electoral bribe to the residents of Erebuni community inYerevan. According to the newspaper Eduard Madatyan is the coordinator of the “State of Law” in this community and he would get high place in the party list during the elections.

“Aravot” asked the head of the administration of Gyumri Mayor Boris Alexanov how Gyumri Mayor Vardan Ghukasyan left for Brazilwith delegation. “I have no information and I can say nothing about it”, the official answered. He also added that Gyumri Mayor did not left for Brazil for the carnival. He is in Brazil with the invitation of Ozasco city Mayor. This city is sister city with Gyumri. Anyway the delegation will manage to participate in the carnival feasts and interesting discussions on the theme are taking place in the social networks for the last some days.

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