K. Beckaryan: “Everyone in Great Britain thinks that Scotchmen have right of self-determination”

On these days Scotland discusses to hold a referendum about independence and it is an interesting issue from the point of view Nagorno Karabakh issue settlement. Politician Karen Beckaryan announced about this during the press-conference today.

“Two parties form five agree with complete independence, other three parties are against the independence”, Bekaryan announced who has been to Scotland recently.

Politician was surprised that the discussions on independence both among the Scotchmen and in England as well were passing in calm and civil atmosphere.

“There is no comparison with our region. No one there has the physical danger, both sides hold civil discussions, debates in normal atmosphere”, Beckaryan explained.

According to him the ecological problems in Scotland are the priority which way of development to choose.  

Beckaryan also referred to the conversations by Azerbaijan to exchange France as the OSCE MG co-chairing country with England. But recently official Baku does not speak about England and referred to Germany.

“Here it is important to note that no one thinks to hold referendum in the Great British territory. They are sure that Scotchmen have right of self-determination”, said the expert.

Comparing the situation with Karabakh reality Bekaryan underlined that if three sides of the conflict sign an agreement not to use force and only in that case some results from the process may be accepted.

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