Economist: “There are bases to have a stable economy”

“The economical policy by the Government during the last some years let us think that serious opportunities are created to provide economical growth in the country.” Economist Karlen Khachatryan described the economical condition in Armenia by these words today during the meeting with journalists at “Armat” press-club.

The economist separated the reforms by the Government in taxes, social and mine industry spheres and said that those changes made Armenian economy more competitive and stable.

K. Khachatryan also noted that World Bank presented 20 million USD credit with special conditions in order to assist the policy of Armenian Government. This assistance intends to reduce the level of poverty in the country, to raise the standard of living of the population, to raise the ability of economical competition of the country and to create better conditions for the business sphere.

“This is the continuation of the program by World Bank called “The actions of the development policy”. WB expresses once more its readiness to assist our Government to reach the goals which our country has”, the economist said.

According to K. Khachatryan WB gave 60 million USD since 2009.

The economist also spoke about the financial crisis and said that Armenia is now ready for it more that it was in 2008.

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