CPJ warns Turkey: change the attitude towards media freedom

The Committee to Protect Journalists has posted its annual report on press repression around world, entitled “Attacks on the Press 2011.”

CPJ Deputy Director Robert Mahoney, chronicles press repressions in Turkey saying “The press is laboring under a creaking judicial system and a panoply of antiquated and vague legislation that officials and politicians of every stripe find irresistible as a weapon against muckraking reporters and critical commentators.” Asbarez.com writes about this.

In “Discarding Reform, Turkey Uses the Law to Repress,” Mahoney also chides the US for not vocally voicing concerns over press freedoms in Turkey.

“The United States seems wary of calling out Turkey on its human rights and press freedom record. Washington is comfortable with the narrative that Turkey, a NATO member and crucial U.S. ally in the region, is a progressive, secular democracy and a model of free speech compared with its neighbors Iran, Iraq, and Syria,” says Mahoney who says Ankara’s diplomatic maneuvering has put it “on the right side” of the Arab Spring.

This is not the fist time the international organizations condemn Turkey for its policy towards the media freedom. Many journalists are arrested in Turkey for their publications. International society calls on Turkey to release the journalists in every report.

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