Newspapers write: struggle for the places in the parties’ lists

“168 hours” newspaper writes that according to the RA new electoral codex women will be on every fifth place of the pre-electoral list presented by the political parties. The first place is not included in this rule, which means that the first woman will appear on the sixth place. According to the newspaper a strong struggle takes place for this sixth place in RPA. Leader of the RPA women’s council Hermine Naghdalyan, Deputy Karine Atjemyan and Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan are struggling for this place. The newspaper asked RPA speaker Eduard Sharmazanov which one of the women will get the sixth place. “Issues connected with the proportional list of the RPA have not been discussed yet”, Sharmazanov answered.

“Zhokhovurd” writes that two vice presidents of the “State of Law” party Hegine Bisharyan and Mher Shagheldyan have serious disagreements connected with the proportional list. It was found out recently that the struggle was ended with Bisharyan’s victory: Shageldyan was included in the first three places of the list. “State of law has already announced officially that Arthur Baghdasaryan, Hegine Bisharyan and Armen Yeritsyan will be on the first three places. It is a strange decision as M. Shahgeldyan has been in the party since the first days of its formulation, and Armen Yeritsyan appeared in the party just a day before he was nominated as a Minister.”

As “Haykakan zhamanak” writes deputy of the “Prosperous Armenia” Party Ruben Gevorgyan announced that he would not present his candidacy at 5th electoral territory. He also does not know exactly which place he will get in “Prosperous Armenia” list.

According to “Hraparak” deputy of “State of law” political party Arayik Hayrapetyan decided ton to present his candidacy at the coming Parliamentarian elections. During the conversation with the newspaper he said that it would be better if he is engaged only in business. “I have decided not to be engaged in politics any more”, he announced.

“Zhokhovurd” writes that Armenian PM Tigran Sargsyan presented significant gifts to a group of Armenian Deputies. He sent books to Armenian Parliamentarians with a note “From RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan”. According to the newspaper Tigran Sargsyan’s action is connected with February 19, Armenian great poet Hovhannes Tumanyan’s birthday. This day is announced to be the day of book-giving in Armenia. T. Sargsyan sent books about philosophy and psychology. But not every deputy got this present. The books were mostly sent to the deputies of opposition fractions.

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