D. Karapetyan: “Azerbaijani provocation will get its respond”

As Times.am has already informed on February 23 at about 13:50 Armenian solider Albert Armenak Adibekyan was killed by a bullet shot by Azerbaijani sniper at Tavush region, Chinari village. Armenian soldier was fulfilling his military service. Al. Adibekyan was 20 years old (born on 1992).

Press secretary of Armenian Ministry of Defense Davit Karapetyan released a comment on the case, press service of Armenian Ministry of Defense informs. Mr. Karapetyan especially said:

“Snipers of Azerbaijani Armed Forces made a provocation on the border and it caused death of soldier of Armenian Armed Forces Albert Adibekyan. This provocation will get its respond. Commanding staff of Azerbaijani Armed Forces will be responsible for its actions and will have to answer for them.”

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