Many Armenian singers boycott “Eurovision 2012”

On February 23 many Armenian singers released a letter directed to the European broadcasting company and Armenian Public TV channel, which tells about the boycott of “Eurovision 2012” in Baku.

The message especially says:

“On January 23 Azerbaijani snipers killed Armenian solider Albert Adibekyan, at Tavush region, Chinari village. And this takes place in the case when the mediators of NK issue settlement call on the sides to remove the snipers from the contact line.

Armenian side has announced for many times that is ready to take this step. As we see Azerbaijan does not accept this offer and uses every opportunity to kill an Armenian. In this situation we announce publicly that we have great suspects concerning the Armenian participation in Eurovision song contest in Baku.”

The authors of the announcement said that they refused to participate in the song contest. “We refuse to participate in a state, which is well-known for the Armenian massacres, in a state, where Armenaphobia is reached to the official level, and in a state which forbid any person with Armenian origin to enter.” The singers also reminded the tragedy of Gurgen Margaryan, an Armenian, who was killed by an Azerbaijani during an event organized by NATO in Budapest, on 2004.  The singers called on Armenian Public TV channel to refuse to send any participant to Azerbaijan and added at the same time that they were ready to participate in the contest if it was held in another country, where Armenian participants would be in safe.

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