Mashtots Park issue was discussed at Public council: the activists are still in the park

Yesterday, on February 23, the issue of Mashtots Park was discussed at the Public council. As informs Yerevan chief architect Narek Sargsyan also attended the session and assured that the kiosks will remain in the Park just for 2-3 years, not more. He also added that they did not know yet who the owners of the kiosks are and no agreement is signed with them yet.

Writer, publicist, member of the Armenian public TV-radio council Meruzhan Ter-Gulanyan also referred to the theme during the TV program “Issue of the country” by “Yerkir Media” TV channel. He announced that before coming to the TV station he called and found out that the issue is discussed and he was informed the kiosks will not be situated in the Park.  

Another participant of the same program, literal leader of the Yerevan Chamber Theatre Ara Yernjakyan announced in his turn that more trees are cut as a result of the constructions near Matenadaran, but no one speaks about it.

Despite of all those different announcements the activists are still in the Park. Moreover, they have organized various cultural events in the park and accept many guests. Today is the 14th day of the struggle and an exhibition named “I am against of killing the dogs” will take place. Then the activists will meet architect Gurgen Musheghyan. Cinema director Tigran Khzmalyan will deliver a speech as well. May be some musical performances will take place as well.

After the noted announcements ecological activists called on by Facebook social network not to consider the struggle is over and invited people to the park again.

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