Armenian representative at the UN called on Azerbaijan to avoid cheap propaganda

On February 23 discussion named “Women, peace and security” took place at the UN SC, where delegation from more than fifty member-countries and UN high-level officials took part. Press and information department of the RA MFA informs about this.

Armenian Ambassador to the UN Karen Nazaryan also participated in the discussion. During his speech he referred to the violations which are made against girls and women during the conflicts. Ambassador Nazaryan noted that such crimes must be found out and the criminals must be punished otherwise new victims will be. He also underlined that institutional changes and changes in the social mind are needed to prevent the crimes further.

 “After some days we will commemorate the memory of innocent victims of Sumgayit, who were massacred and tortured only as they were Armenians”, K. Nazaryan noted in his speech. Making remark about the speech of Azerbaijani representative Armenian Ambassador noted that today’s discussion was only about the issues included in agenda which were about the violations and crimes during the conflict and there was no need speak about the events which took place in Xocali.

Then he noted that the SC discussions should be based on truth and exactness if they wanted to get any real result. He added in this context that despite of the fact Azerbaijan became a SC member it continued its provocations and covered the crimes.  

Armenian representative called on Azerbaijan to avoid cheap propaganda. K. Nazaryan also added that it would be better for Azerbaijan to be concentrated on the efforts by OSCE MG towards NK issue settlement and try to fulfill the responsibilities which were got during the last meeting of Armenian, Russian and Azerbaijani Presidents.

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