Expert: “Armenia should support stability in Iran”

Armenia will not manage to overcome the flow of the refuges from Iran and Syria if military struggle is started, Gagik Harutyunyan, head of the scientific-educational foundation “Noravanq”, announced about this during the press-conference today.

“Our economy is not ready to accept 50-60 thousands refugees from those countries”, Harutyunyan said during the meeting with the journalists.

According to him Armenians in Iran feel them well and have official protection Armenian cultural values are protected in Iran and this speaks about Iranian good attitude towards Armenia.

In this context the politician underlined that Armenia should support the stability and be against the military actions.

At the same time the expert is sure that the key of Iranian problem is in Syria. He considers that Iran will lose if the West manages to repeat Libyan scenario also in Syria.

Harutyunyan underlined that Iran is also able to lead flexible policy despite of the enough resources.  

Speaking about the Azerbaijani actions in case of the war in Iran Harutyunyan noted that the official Baku would first of all think how to save itself and would leave Karabakh conflict.

Expert also underlined that Azerbaijani calls for Iran to mediate in NK issue are just propaganda as everyone knows the strained relations between Tehran and Baku. 

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