European Minister: we do not want to see Turkey in EU

During the joint session of Turkey and EU a dispute took place between Turkish representative Minister of Euro integration issues Egemen Bagis and a representative of Netherlands Deputy Barry Madlener.

As Turkish “Zaman” writes Madlener announced that the EU does not want to see Turkey in its staff as it is forbidden to criticize Islam in this country.

“You have become a kind of exam for me. You make troubles for me during every session”, Bagis said and added a Turkish old idea which says: “I have never won the struggle against fools”.

This is not the first dispute between the Turkish and European Ministers. Another incident took place on 2011 when Madlener tried to present a caricature to E. Bagis which had a note “There is no God, the religious are fake”. Bagis did not accept the gift and advised the deputy to apply another “more appropriate place”.

Bagis appeared in another scandal in Switzerland as well when he denied Armenian Genocide in a country where it is forbidden. 

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