Real aims of the Lithuanian group are known now: they were deported from “Zvartnots” airport before

Richardas Lapaytis, member of the Lithuanian group which shot a film about events in Aghdam on 1992 gave an interview to the Azerbaijani branch of the “Interfax” news agency. Note that the group tried to arrive in Armenia last year but Armenian National Security Service forbade them enter Armenia.

R. Lapaytis told interesting details about the presentation of the film and also noted interesting facts about the failed journey to Armenia.

“I think you are informed that the guys wanted to enter to Xocali from Armenian side and shot everything which is taking place there now. But they were stopped in Yerevan and they were forbidden not only to shot anything but also they were forbidden to go out of the airport’s territory. They were just deported”, Lapaytis said.

When the group wanted to enter to Armenia Armenian National Security Service announced that they were forbidden to do it and the decision did not need to be explained. The same source also informed that Andrius Brokas, member of the Lithuanian group, was well-known as a good counterpart of Azerbaijan.  

Moreover he has a well-paid treaty with Azerbaijani Ministry of Culture and it was discussed in media for many times.

At the same time Armenian media spread rumors then that the group was forbidden to enter to Armenia as they had an agreement to have an interview with Armenian ex-president, ANC leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan.  

During the interview with Azerbaijani news agency Lapaytis presents Azerbaijani fakes about the Aghdam events and makes obvious the “objective” imaginations of the group which has shot the film.

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