Armenian newspapers: elections remain to be top theme

“Irates de facto” writes ANC establishment gathered again on Saturday to decide at last what to do with the proportional list. “Attitude of the leader of Armenian National Congress Levon Ter-Petrosyan was announced during the meeting. He will present four representatives in every decade and the other representatives will be presented by the parties. Stephan Demirchyan announced that he was against this version and presented his own, according which L. Ter-Petrosyan must present not four but three candidates. After struggle they did not manage to agree. By the way no representative of the “Republic” Party takes part in the discussions”, the newspaper wrote.

According to “Zhokhovurd” businessman Arayik Hayrapetyan left his party, “State of Law”. Newspaper writes that it was informed from the well-informed sources. According to the source A. Baghdasaryan forced Hayrapetyan to make great establishments in order to get a place in the list and appear in the Parliament. The businessman refused to pay so much money and left the party. Hayrapetyan announced before as well that he would not be presented in the elections in any territory. 

As “Hraparak” writes former NA speaker Hovik Abrahamyan’s and Armenian Deputy PM Armen Gevorgyan’s role in RPA staff causes new scandals. Some members of the RPA named them as Trojan horses. There are some doubts that these people will work for “Prosperous Armenia” and not for the RPA during the coming elections. And it will become known only after the elections will be concluded.  

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