World remembers Sumgayit: victims of massacres were commemorated in different countries

On February 26 victims of Sumgayit pogroms were commemorated in Lebanon churches. Catholicos of the Kilikian House Aram the First served holy mass in Anthilias Mother Cathedral and after it Catholicos Aram the First and Armenian Ambassador to Lebanon Ashot Qocharyan delivered speeches. Press and information department of the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs about this.

The speakers referred to the tragic events which took place in Azerbaijani town Sugayit. Ambassador Qocharyan noted especially that 1988 was decisive for Artsakh people. They stand up to defend own rights and freedoms. Armenians were tortured and killed wildly only because they were Armenians.

Mr. Ambassador also underlined that the events have not been evaluated politically and legally by the international society till now. At the same time everything was done to distort the history and to cover the real facts. But the stories of the witnesses and gathered facts proved only one thing: the massacres were made by Azerbaijani authorities. After the independence they set free criminals of the state and announced them to be national heroes. Ambassador also noted that Nagorno karabakh got its right of freedom by bloody struggle and now it is a consisted state. Despite of all difficulties Artsakh is developed and the peace is protected. The international society will have to accept that Azerbaijan started the armed aggression against Artsakh people.

Ambassador Qocharyan concluded his speech saying that the current challenges can be overcome only by joint efforts.

Bulgarian journalist Zvetana Paskalev also attended the meeting and Catholicos Aram the First rated highly her efforts. His Holiness especially underlined the films “Wounds of Karabakh”. Paskaleva was awarded with medal “Saint Mesrop Mashtots”.

Paskaleva thanked for the high award and underlined that she would continue her efforts in further as well.

On February 27 Armenian Embassy in Georgia and Armenian Diocese in Georgia organized an evening named “In front of history: Sumgayit, Xocali…”. Before the event holy mass was served at Tbilisi St. Etchmiadzin church to commemorate memory of victims of pogroms in Sumgayit, Baku and Maragha.

During the evening Armenian Ambassador to Georgia Hovhannes Manoukyan delivered a speech. The Ambassador spoke about the violations which Azerbaijanis held against Armenians on the end of 80s, referred to Azerbaijani destabilizing policy which is led also today.

Primate of the Georgian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan also delivered a speech.

Parts of a documental film about Sumgayit were shown during the evening. Xocali events were also discussed during the event. Armenian historian Karen Ohanesyan presented the real image of the events and spoke about the disinformation presented by Azerbaijani side.

The evening was concluded by the speech of Georgian well-known writer-publicist Givi Shahnazar.  

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