Newspapers today: won’t “State of Law” appear in Parliament and why Italian Embassy in Armenian does not use Armenian language?

“Yerkir” newspaper refers to the falsifications during the election. It considers that if the opposition concentrates its whole potential to prevent the falsifications it may create common platform.

“But is it enough to success? The opposition may even mobilize 10.000 people but they will be able just to supervise the process of the elections. But it is obvious that the violations will not be done during the electoral process. Not political but first of all civilian responsibility is needed to have normal elections. The opposition and the small healthy part of the society must have the main task: to educate the civilians to overcome the ignorance, conformism which let the minority to make decisions for the majority. ”

As “Hraparak” writes Armenian deputy PM Armen Gevorgyan is unwanted person in the RPA and it may be explained easily. “During the passionate pre-electoral period he is in the RPA but some of his cadres and projects are included in “Prosperous Armenian” party.” Further the newspaper presents some examples to prove the idea.  

“Hayatsq” writes referring to its confident forces that “Heritage” and “Free democrats” will go to the elections with the joint alliance. It is significant that they do not afraid not to overcome 7 %. The newspaper continues that members of “Free democrats” will get places in the first places of the list.  

The same newspaper also writes that Armenian President has decided that it is impossible to take the “State of Law” to the Parliament. He decided not to assist the party at all as it will be just the waste of time and resources. In order not to offend Arthur Baghdasaryan S. Sargsyan may nominate him as the Armenian Chief Prosecutor after the elections. But these all are just rumors and predictions.

“Aravot” newspaper writes that Italian Embassy in Armenia spreads its releases in English and “forgets” that Armenian is the state language in Armenia. Yesterday the newspaper asked Italian Ambassador to Armenia Bruno Scapinni why does not the Embassy respect Armenian law? Mr. Ambassador considered that it was not so important question to discuss so much. He added that it was just a technical issue.

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