Newspapers today: first day of spring and events connected with March 1

“Hraparak” writes that “Prosperous Armenia” has dissatisfactions towards the candidates who presented their candidature by the majority electoral system. “There was a initial agreement according which leader of the party Gagik Tsarukyan would give a financial assistance despite of the candidate’s abilities. Leader of the “Prosperous Armenia” was accepted to give assistance to candidates Tigran Stepanyan and Karo Karapetyan in Masis and they would establish staffs and start to work. But those deputies do nothing now and they are just sitting and follow how the RPA candidates work. So it may be supposed that there are problems in “Prosperous Armenia” and financial problems as well. Or may be Tsarukyan is not in a hurry to start pre-electoral actions in Masis, as this region belongs to Hovik Abrahamyan who is Tsarukyan’s matchmaker”, the newspaper concludes.

“Zhokhovurd” writes that Gagik Tsarukyan announced yesterday that his party would present candidates only in those electoral territories where it has appropriate people. This announcement is significant as members of “Prosperous Armenia” announced before that they were going to put candidacies in all 41 electoral territories. But as the newspaper writes Tsarukyan denied this idea after the last coalition meeting with Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan. And he confessed himself that the candidates would be presented only in those territories where they had appropriate people.  

As “Yerkir” newspaper writes Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan’s meetings and speeches in the regions are out of the borders of the absurd genre. During his meetings in the regions he delivers speeches about our economical “reforms” and he gives the traditional question in the end of the meeting: what would you like to change in RPA pre-electoral program?  

“One can have an imagination, that head of the government had fulfilled all pre-electoral points of 2007 program and now seeks for new ideas in the regions. Gyumri techno-park works now, Dilijan is the regional financial center, tourism is developed. And now Tigran Sargsyan is engaged in raised issues and settles all the problems. He learnt accidentally that the information about Qajaran was wrong and hit on the table. And what about the Mashtots Park? Yes, of course, he learnt about the problem only after ten days and he will certainly inform President about it”, the newspaper writes.

Armenian newspapers also referred to the March 1 and events connected with it.

“Every year on March 1 Vazgen Sargsyan went to Ashtarak canyon to mark the first day of spring. And though Vazgen is not with us now many of his friends continue keeping this tradition. Many representatives of Armenian political elite, from ANC, from RPA will go to Ashtarak canyon (probably on various times) and will eat egg green at the monument of Vazgen. His parents will be there as well”, “Zhokhovurd” writes.

“Haykakan zhamanak” writes that seven relatives of the March 1 victims referred to the leaders of some European organizations and asked them to pay attention on the covering of the murders of their sons.

“Aravot” newspaper also wrote that no one will ever forget those ten victims, who was killed four years ago on this day.

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