A. Levonyan: “Participation in any contest should not be higher than the national pride”

Today at “Azdak” press-club singers Alla Levonyan and Arsen Griroryan met journalists and discussed whether it is worthy to participate in “Eurovision 2012” or not.

Singer Alla Levonyan announced that she was against of participation since the beginning and voiced her attitude many times.

“I am against as participation in any contest should not be higher than the national pride. Some years ago Azerbaijanis refused to participate in a contest in New-York as they did not want to stage after Armenians. They announced that after Armenians the stage must be cleaned. Now Armenian soldiers are killed on the border. We have won the struggle and nothing must be proved by the song”, the singer underlined and added that this application not to participate in “Eurovision 2012” must be accepted not as an expression of fear but as ignorance towards Baku.

Singer Arsen Grigoryan announced in his turn that more than 20 Armenian singers announced they would not participate in the contest. But as he added the last decision would be made till March 20 as the final decision would be made by Armenian Public Channel.  

“This is not a question of life and death. Wee should say “no” since the very beginning. I say it first of all as a citizen. They award their militants for murders of our soldiers. We must have connection with Azerbaijan only in frame of the NK issue. The culture does not know borders but this is another case. This is politicized contest, this is not a culture, but this is a show business”, the singer concluded.

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