Clashes in Azerbaijan: troops are entered to the town

Group of protesters gathered outside the police office in Guba region (Northern part of the state) demanding release of persons detained during the recent protest action against the head of local executive power. Remind that the clashes werecaused because of the announcement of Rauf Habib, governor of the region. He announced that “Guba residents are sold and traitors and they sell and leave their lands with 30 manats.”

As APA informs member of the parliament from Guba region Vahid Ahmadov addressed the protesters and said their problems would be solved. Five participants of the protest action were invited to the police office.  

There were clashes between the protesters and internal troops, while they arrived at site. Some of the protesters threw stones, someone called them not to throw stones. Security forces used tear gas to disperse them. The clashes are continuing. There are several injured among the security forces. 

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