ANC next meeting is started

The next meeting by Armenian National Council (ANC) is started at theLiberty Square,Yerevan. Today’s meeting is devoted to the forth anniversary of March 1, 2008 events. ANC activist Nikol Pashinyan opened the meeting with a short welcoming speech. He announced that the silence about the March 1 event is not a solution and they would not keep silence. After Armenian hymn the microphone was transferred to the relatives of the March 1 victims. One of them delivered speech and presented the way they passed to find a justice for the murders of their sons. After this Aram Manukyan, Levon Zurabyan also delivered speech and remembered the victims of the March 1, 2008. The speakers also spoke about the coming parliamentarian elections, which will take place on May 6, 2012. They announced that the pre-electoral period for the ANC is started.

Nikol Pashinyan leads the meeting.

This is the first meeting on 2012 and this is the first meeting after four months’ rest.

Remind that ANC first announced that the meeting would be transferred on March 17, but at last they decided to hold it today.

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