US Congressman: “We must urge Azerbaijan to stop all warnings about military actions towards Artsakh”

24th anniversary of one of the bloodiest pages of the newest era of the history, Sumgait massacres was marked on February. During Nagorno Karabakh war, 1988-1994, Armenian peace population in Arstakh was attacked for many times. On February 27 Armenian population in Azerbaijani Sumgait town became a target for the illegal actions, tortures, violations, murders for three days. Armenians were attacked, raped, beaten terribly, burnt and killed. US Congressman Brad Sherman announced about this during the commemoration event dedicated to the Sumgait victims.

During his speech Sherman noted that Sumgait police did not react to the applications of support by Armenians in case when the Armenians were tortured horribly, they were burnt alive and murdered.

Sherman also noted that Sumgait massacres were followed by pogroms in Kirovabad and Baku and Armenian Community in whole was attacked.

“If we want to except such bloodsheds in future we must recognize those terrible events and be sure that they will never be repeated. We will never forget ethnic cleansings concerning Armenians. Moreover we must show Azerbaijan that the USA continues supporting peace and protection in Artsakh. We must urge Azerbaijan to stop all warnings about military actions towards Artsakh”, Sherman said.

The Congressman underlined the necessity to settle NK issue peacefully.

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