Armenian newspapers today: Armenia must boycott Eurovision in general

“Zhokhovurd” writes that speaker of the “State of Law” Susana Abrahamyan will also be included in party’s proportional list. According to the source she will be the second woman in the list after Heghine Bisharyan. But Susana Abrahamyan denied this information during the conversation with “Zhokhovurd”. “This is your own opinion. “State of Law” still discusses the list. Soon the party will hold its session and everything will be announced then. You will be informed”, she said. Newspaper writes that the noted session will take place on March 3.

“Haykakan zhamanak” writes that founder of the “Sil group”, Armenian former deputy Khachatur Suqiasyan may participate in coming elections. First it was announced that he would not participate in the elections. Then his brother Saribek Suqiasyan announced that may be he would present his candidacy. Yesterday the newspaper spoke with the speaker of “Sil group” Anna Mkrtchyan who informed that Kh. Suqiasyan traveled to China and would be back only after two days. Then he would inform about the decision, he assured.

“Iravunq” newspaper writes: “Some days ago we studied some interesting videos. The videos show how the leader of the sect “Word of the life” Arthur Simonyan uses some clear Italian words during the ritual ceremonies and those words are about old and new religions.” The newspaper promises to refer to the theme again in coming numbers and present more details.

“Must we boycott Eurovision 2012 or not”? This question troubles the newspapers as well. “Hayots ashkharh” writes founder and leader of the Armenian “Karin” Ensemble Gagik Ginosyan considers that not only this but all Eurovision contest must be boycotted. According to him “contests which are politicized and spread unrecognized taste must not be shared in our country. We have Komitas and we do not have right to use the dustbin of the European culture”, G. Ginosyan concluded.

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