A.Hovakimyan: “Arstakh nation has protected its right of self-determination”

On February 28-March 1 Armenian Deputy Minster of Foreign Affairs Ashot Hovakimyan was in Geneva with a working visit. Press and information department of the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs about this.
On February 29 Armenian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs delivered speech at the 19 session on Human Rights.
Armenian official especially spoke about the reforms which are made in Armenia to improve human rights protection, spoke about the responsibilities which are taken by the international convections and told the process of their fulfillment. A. Hovakimyan also spoke about the process of working out the national plan of human rights defense.
A.Hovakimyan paid special attention to the prevention of genocide, which is one of the main priorities for Armenia. He especially underlined the role of the education about the crimes against humanity and noted the necessity to recognize and condemn those crimes despite of the fact where it was committed and by whom.
Armenian official also referred to the nations’ right of self determination and underlined that Arstakh nation has protected its right of self-determination and joined the main measures of the international law.  Hovakimyan assured that UN departments must also protect the defense of human rights everywhere.Armenian deputy Minister also has some private meetings in frame of the visit to Geneva.

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