Expert: “Turks used some omissions of the draft and managed to fail it”

Today at “Armat” press-club politician Narek Galstyan and expert on international affairs Menua Soghomonyan referred to the political causes of recognition the bill of criminalization of Armenian Genocide denial as anti-constitutional.

According M. Soghomonyan the constitutional decision is not legal as the draft has passed by really serious ways.

“Law acceptance process in France really has pluralistic and bureaucratic character. The essence of the issue must be looked for in the lobby,” the expert of international relations underlined.

The speaker considers that Turkey will not reduce its deconstructive politics in future as well.

Another speaker of the press-conference, politician Narek Galstyan announced that the issue is not on Armenian-French relations’ platform but on the platform of French-Turkish relation.  “This is not our loss. We did not participate in those struggles.”

Politician underlined that the criminalization of Armenian Genocide denial has a little connection with Armenian demand for Genocide recognition.

“Our task has two parts: recognition and condemn and after it we claim compensation. As you see criminalization of the denial has not a great part here”, Galstyan noted and added that the recognition and condemn of the genocide without compensation is unacceptable.  

“Turks used some omissions of the draft and managed to fail it. May be it was a game. It was tried to bridle Turkey and today they warn again that the process may be restarted again and stronger”, the politician said. Speaking about the continuation of the draft N. Galstyan noted that it would be but some changes in the draft would certainly take place.

Another press-conference on the theme also took place today at “Tesaket” press-club. Expert on Turkey Anush Hovhannisyan announced during the meeting with the journalists that the denial of the draft is not “the end of the earth”.

She reminded that after the draft was accepted at the French Senate she asked everyone not to be enthusiast.

“I have told that this is politics where our interests with France have just coincided”. Expert also asked no one to be disappointed.

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