Politician: “Iranian issue is more important for Armenia now”

Today at “Pastark” press-club politician Sergey Shaqaryants met journalists and spoke about the last developments of foreign policy around Armenia. During the press-conference he also spoke about the regional developments.

The politician considers that the decision by French Constitutional Court to recognize the draft of criminalization of Armenian Genocide was completely expected. According to him N. Sarkozy used Armenian draft in order to get attention during the pre-electoral period.

“Votes of Armenian Community are very important during the elections in France as French Community is more impressive that other communities. We have suffered morally by French behavior, we got a knock and this is presented in Baku and Ankara as defeat of Armenians and Armenian Community”, the speaker noted.

S. Shaqaryants underlined that Iranian issue is more important for Armenia now as problems in Iran may have direct impression on our life, on our development and also on our national interests.

“Iranian-Azerbaijani relations get worse. It is also connected with Iranian nuclear problem. Azerbaijan will get weapon from Israel and it is impossible to predict against whom it would be used”, the speaker underlined.

The politician also referred to an expression which was made by Armenian ex-president, ANC leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan during the meeting yesterday. L. Ter-Petrosyan said: “As long as the dictator’s authority is prolonged, never mind, one day he will answer for the blood of the own nation”. “I would like to remind Levon Ter-Petrosyan that he was the first Qaddafi in Armenia. On 1998 many people wanted to make him answer in front of the court but it did not happed due to efforts of Vazgen Sargsyan”, the politician concluded.

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