Ed. Nalbandyan: “Armenia aims more peaceful, safe and prideful future for the humanity”

On March 2 Armenian Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandyan assured a statement on the 20th anniversary of Armenia’s participation to the UN. Press and information department of the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs about this.

The statement especially says: “This day is historical for Armenian nation. Republic of Armenia, which has newly got its independent was led by the humanitarian values and joint the family of United Nations.

Armenia got the responsibilities of the UN codex with honor and those rules coincide with Armenian nation’s aims.

Armenia has assisted the UN purposes to come true for already 20 years and does everything to assist international peace establishment and security defense, to settle the international conflicts peacefully and to respect the nations’ self-determination. Armenia is for the international cooperation on economical, social, cultural and humanitarian spheres. Armenia will continue its active involvement in the UN activities and will assist the world challenges to overcome together. Armenia aims more peaceful, safe and prideful future for the humanity”.

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