Losses of Azerbaijani Army: soldiers are dead and wounded

Misfortunes are following Azerbaijani Army all time. Soldiers are dead here from very strange reasons and in unknown conditions. Usually those conditions are not found out ever.

During last some days Azerbaijani Army suffered a lot. As trend.az informs truck of one of the military units exploded and the driver of the car soldier Radug Abdulrakhmanov wounded. He was transferred to the military hospital. Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense confirmed the information.

According to another publication in the same source soldier of the Azerbaijani Army Nadir Safarliyev was dead in Baku military hospital because of the hard illness. Deaths caused by illness are ordinary case in Azerbaijani Army. This can mean two thinks: either Azerbaijani soldiers are ill when they go to service or the conditions are so terrible that they get illness and die.

According to Azerbaijani media four Azerbaijani soldiers were frostbitten. One of the relatives of the soldier informed about this to Azerbaijani “Azadlig” newspaper. According to the information these soldiers were transferred to the Gyanja (Gandzak) military hospital. Ears of two soldiers and foots of two others have been frostbitten. 

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