Serzh Sargsyan congratulated V. Putin and invited him to visit Armenia

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan congratulated Vladimir Putin on being elected as Russian President, press service of Armenian President informs about this. The message especially says:

“Respective Mr. Putin,

I cordially congratulate You on being elected as Russian President.

Your convincing victory in the Russian Presidential elections proves that Russians support Your policy to develop the country, to make reforms and lead the country to the global development.

Armenia and Russia are connected with the alliance which is based on historical friendship of the two nations. Armenian-Russian relations have gained significant achievements during last years and Your investment is really great in it.

I am sure that our bilateral military cooperation will further as well assist to keep peace, security and stability in South Caucasus. I hope that our cooperation will let us not only have achievements in inter-regional, economical and cultural spheres, but we will also be able to find out new opportunities of cooperation.

Respective Vladimir Putin, I invite You to visit Armenia on the 20th anniversary of Armenian-Russian cooperation. I am sure that Your visit will be a good stimulus for the bilateral relations.

I wish You new success in Your high position. ”

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