UN Special Committee worked out a resolution about peace settlement of the conflicts

On March 1 UN session on codex and the improvement of the organization’s role ended in New-York. The session was chaired by Armenian Permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Karen Nazaryan, press and information department of the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs.
The special committee has an aim to discuss the offers which come from the member-countries and to find out their effectiveness.
Among other issues about the international peacekeeping and security protection the special committee session has also decided to present a resolution to the UN General Assembly which is devoted to the 30th anniversary of the Manila statement on peace settlement of the conflicts.
This resolution reconfirms the essence of the Manila statement and calls on the member-countries to find peace solution for the conflicts. The resolution pays main attention to the nations’ self-determination, the exception of the use of force and the involvement of the international organizations’ in the conflicts settlement.
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