R. Sharoyan: “We must present Vazgen Sargsyan’s heritage to the coming generations”

He was a decisive, friendly and right person, he had sensitive soul”, “He was strong, smiling and at the same time he was gentle person”. These are the descriptions which writer Karine Khodikyan and head of the “Hay art” cultural center Rita Sharoyan presented for Vazgen Sargsyan during press-conference. The speakers of the pres-conference were V. Sargsyan’s friends.

“I have realized the strength of his pen when I have read the article named “There is blood in the stone”. First I thought that he was from Javakhk and that is why he described it so well. But when I knew that he had been in Javakhk for only three days then I have realized the strength of his pen. There is no appropriate article to it till now. Unfortunately, he created a few. He was not flirting writer he told that he would tell. He was a sharp publicist and hit just the target. Whatever he wrote he was principal”, K. Khodikyan reminded.

The writes also reminded that Sparapet had clean and clear eyes and ringing laugh. “No one else has such laugh. During the war he came very rare. When he came it was a feast, the work was stopped. He came, sit and the traces of the war went from him soon we saw our Vazgen. His laugh was heard from the forth flour to the first floor.”

K. Khodikyan also referred to her interview with V. Sargsyan, which she held while Sargsyan was the Defense Minister.  

Answering to the journalists’ question whether V. Sargsyan had a beloved woman, Khodikyan answered. “I will answer with the same respond which Vazgen gave to this question. I will say immediately that there is no personal life. There are some rumors, but I do not like such conversations”. Khodikyan was asked whether she didn’t want to write about V. Sargsyan: “Vazgen is such personality, which needs too strong pen to write about him. My pen does not let me do it yet.”

Another speaker of the conference, R. Sharoyan said that now we must present Vazgen Sargsyan’s heritage to the coming generations.

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