Armavia’s some flights are postponed: airport explains

Today in the morning at 06:45 Armavia airlines stopped the service of Yerevan-Moscow and Yerevan-Rostov flights and announced to the costumers that high praises by “Zvartnots” airport are the reason of strike. got a letter from “Armenia international airports” company which tells the following: “We want to inform that Armavia company is a national transporter and uses the special praises by our company.

Moreover according to the message by Rosnavigacia company Armavia is forbidden to enter to Russia and fulfill flights to there because of the debts it has. So, not Armenian but Russian praises are high for the company.

Our company considers negative behavior by Armavia to spread disinformation and we feel pity that the only national transporter is in this condition. We also inform that the flights of other transporters are fulfilled appropriately and in time”, the letter concludes.

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