Armenian Genocide survivor celebrates her 102nd anniversary

Wey mouth magazine typed an article with photos where it is told about an old Armenian woman who celebrated her 102nd anniversary in the USA.

“Asdghig “Starrie” Alemian celebrated her 102nd birthday with 75 family members and friends at The Red Parrot in Hull on March 3, 2012. Alemian lives in Weymouth and is a survivor of the Armenian genocide”, the magazine writes. The woman has good look. Asdghik tells in a video that she has never done make-up, even on her wedding day.

She always remembers about her sister and terrible days of the Genocide.  

During the Armenian Genocide on 1915 in Ottoman Empire Asdghik was only 5 years old. Her sister was only two. Asdghik’s grandfather managed to find her and take her to the USA.

Asdghik’s husband is not with her but she continues her life with her children and grandchildren.

“Asdghik Alemian meets her new great-great-granddaughter, Nahla-Rae, held by her great-granddaughter, Melissa, the newborns mother, and the baby’s father, Artie”, the article concludes.

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