Armavia restarts to serve the flights

As has already informed today in the morning at 06:45 Armavia airlines stopped the service of Yerevan-Moscow and Yerevan-Rostov flights and announced to the costumers that high praises by “Zvartnots” airport are the reason of strike. 

Armenia international airports” company released a message which said that Armavia Company is a national transporter and uses the special praises by our company.

“Moreover according to the message by Rosnavigacia Company Armavia is forbidden to enter to Russia and fulfill flights to there because of the debts it has. So, not Armenian but Russian praises are high for the company”, press release said.

Now “Armenia international airports” company released another message which especially says:

“Armavia airlines restarted to serve its flights. According to our information Armavia got agreement about the debts with Russia Rosnavigation Company.

Meeting between the representatives of Armenia international airports and Armavia airlines took place today another meeting is scheduled to hold soon as well.

We hope that soon Armavia airlines will serve the costumers in time as now the other transporters do”, the message concludes.

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