S. Sargsyan: “Armenian Community in any country is a unique bridge between that country and the Motherland”

On March 5 Armenian President met the representatives of Armenian Community in Belgium in frame of his working visit to this country. Press service of Armenian President informs about this.

Armenian President rated meetings with the Armenian Community and underlined the importance role of the Armenian Diaspora for the Republic of Armenia.

“Thank you that you have proved that it is possible to be Belgians and develop, protect Armenian identity”, President Sargsyan said.

According to him Armenian Community in any country is a unique bridge between that country and the Motherland and he wished that bridge to be strong and constant. “I wish sincerely that your sons protect Armenian identity and assist Armenian-Belgium friendship in further as well. I am telling truth for each of you separately and for you in general. We are strong with our bright personalities and we are stronger with our unity”, S. Sargsyan told the presents.

Serzh Sargsyan referred in details to the Armenia-Belgium relations, Armenia-EU and Armenia-NATO relations, perspectives of the developments. Armenian President also spoke about the last developments of the NK issue settlement process and Armenian-Turkish relations.

President underlined that significant progress in Armenia-EU relations are registered and the negotiations on the Association agreement are held.

Armenian President also held a meeting with NATO Secretary General Anders Fog Rasmussen. Armenia + NATO session has already started. Meetings with chairman of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barozu and chairman of the European Council Herman van Rompo are also scheduled for today. S. Sargsyan will also deliver speech at the Conrad Adenauer foundation.

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