Expert: “Armenian role will become more important for Iran”

Iranian regional policy will become more aggressive. Speaking about the regional developments expert on Iran, vise president of the “Noravanq” scientific-educational center Sevak Sarukhanyan told about this during the press-conference.

“Sunni countries of the region try to increase the US influence in the Middle East and reduce Iranian role. I expect some problems in Iranian-Turkish relations. In this context Armenian role will become more important for Iran”, the speaker said.

The expert separated two categories in this context which are Turkish-Iranian and Azerbaijani-Iranian relations.

Referring to the possibility of starting military actions by the West against Iran, the speaker said: “Israel urges the USA to start a military attack against Iran or to assist Israel to do it. But it is obvious that the USA refuses to do it. USA hardly manages to keep stability in Iraq. Shia organizations which are sponsored by Iran and act in Iraq have agreed to keep balance otherwise the USA would not manage. If the USA attacks Iran it will lose the last chance and civilian war will restart in Iraq.”

The expert also commented the last Parliamentarian elections in Iran and noted that this was the first time the opposition boycotted the elections after the Revolution.

S. Sarukhanyan noted that a group of conservatives gathered at the religious leader Ali Khamenei and the other group gathered around President Mahmud Ahmadinejad.

“Future Parliament will be anti Presidential and will criticize the President. ”

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