Newspapers today: Will “Free democrats” and “Heritage” manage to agree?

“Zhokhovurd writes that Armenian Government members are now engaged in the pre-electoral process more that in their affairs. They even get some partial orders by the serving telephones. The latter information was confirmed by Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan. He told the newspaper that his works do not suffer from the partial affairs. Answering to the question whether he participated in the partial sessions, he said: “I am not a leader of the staff yet. When the staff starts its work completely and I am invited to the sessions, I will certainly attend them”.

“Haykakan zhamanak” writes that the pre-electoral negotiations about alliance between “Free democrats” and “Heritage” have appeared in deadlock. The sides do not manage to agree on some details and the alliance may not success at all. The newspaper asked the representative of the “Free democrats” Garnik Gevorgyan to make comment on the information. “No, it is not right. We have managed to agree on general principles and the discussions are still going on. It is not right to say that do not manage to agree and at the same time it is not right to say that we have already agreed.” Gevorgyan informed that the conference is delayed because of the technical details.

As “Hayatsq” newspaper writes there are rumors according which “Heritage” does not want so much to make alliance with “Free democrats”.

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