Priest: “Situation concerning sects is terrible in Armenia”

Today Priest Yesayi Artenyan and head of the NGA “Center of the assistance for those who have suffered from the sects” Alexander Amaryan met journalists at “Henaran” press-club and spoke about the spiritual safety in Armenia.

Priest Yesayi noted that the situation of the spiritual safety has many problems in Armenia as the sects in Armenia are in terrible condition.

“Democracy, freedom of the speech and conscience are good values but today people say freedom of speech and they realize right to speak without any responsibility. People comment on church’s role as they want, they present it as a anti national institute and announce that we do not need it”, clergyman noted with pain.

Speaking about the attitude towards sects in Armenia Priest Yesayi underlined that those sects act as they want and use anti Christian measures. “There is nothing worse when the person is educated only with white and black collation. The sects make propaganda only about the paradise and hell. Their propaganda says: if you come to me and participate in our session, you will appear in paradise otherwise you will appear in the hell.”

Priest also referred to the phenomenon which is used by the sects. They announce that they are always right. “They have an only cause and they announce that they are a branch of Protestor Church, so they are not sects. But they even do not know that Protestor Church mean. The protestors were separated as they were against Pop’s idealism. But those sects do not give any opportunity to the people to choose, they just gather people by forbidden measures,” he underlined.

Priest Yesayi underlined that the sect named “Word of life” is the most dangerous. “This is a total corrosive sect and is the most dangerous as this one welcomes immoral life. They announce that the believer may make any crime and they will speak on a foreign language and it will be enough to get free of the sins.”

Another speaker of the press-conference A. Amaryan expressed confidence that the sects are states in the state. “Now we are in de facto war situation and if there is real war again they will refuse to take a weapon and they will not obey to the RA Constitution”, A. Amaryan told.

He also informed that their NGO got three films recently, which are parts of the speeches of “Word of life” leaders. Arthur Simonyan and Angela Sargsyan are in the main roles of the films. Those films prove Angela Sargsyan’s, her husband’s and sister’s connections with this sect.

“Censorship is completely disappeared. Everyone can show whatever he wants. “Word of life” tries to use the measures of Witnesses of Jehovah and tries to become known by making shows and scandals. Recently member of this sect singer Mher told that they are not a sect but they are Gospel followers. No, they are a sect and it had no other name”, A. Amaryan underlined. He also noted that the sects are very dangerous not only for the elders but also for the children.

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