Armenian organizations in Canada started campaign to set free Turkish writer Ragip Zarakolu

The Armenian Youth Federation of Canada and Armen Karo Student Association launched a joint campaign to call for the release of Turkish journalist, publisher, writer and human rights advocate Ragıp Zarakolu on 8 March 2012 in Toronto. Press service of the organization tells abouth this. A group of dedicated Canadians came together at the Armenian community Centre of Toronto to write letters to the Honourable John Baird, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, to urge the government of Canada to call for Zarakolu’s release.

Several months ago, 40 intellectuals were arrested in Turkey on trumped-up charges of terrorism. Among them was Ragıp Zarakolu, who runs of one of the few publishing houses in the country which prints books on the Armenian Genocide and other topics deemed taboo.

Zarakolu is also a recipient of the National Library Award of the Republic ofArmenia and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

The participants made it clear today that Canadians will not stand for restriction of freedom of expression and violations of human rights anywhere in the world.

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