Confirmed: Hovik Abrahamyan will lead RPA pre-electoral staff

Yesterday in the evening RPA session took place and some organizing issues were discussed during it. As press-service of Armenian Republican Party informs it was decided during the meeting to confirm Hovik Abrahamyan’s candidacy as the head of RPA pre-electoral staff.

Some other inner issues of the party were touched upon. Especially report of the RPA chairman in coming 13th RPA conference and the conference resolution were adopted. Partial behavior of Arthur Gegham Harutyunyan was also touched upon during the session.

It was underlined that it is not allowed to mix personal and partial affairs and Arthur Gegham Harutyunyan was given strict remark for the incorrect attitude towards the counterparts.

Some other organizing issues were touched upon as well.

Note that RPA conference will take place on March 10.

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