Newspapers today: RPA conference will take place and why doesn’t R. Hovhannisyan’s son serve at Armenian Army?

“Iravunq” newspaper writes that tomorrow the first inner political event by its importance will take place. Many parts of political frames were waiting for it and many questions will get their answers tomorrow. The newspaper writes about the RPA 13th conference which will take place tomorrow, on March 10. “We suppose some surprises in coming conference and not only concerning the pre-electoral preparations but also some principles will be worked out for coming 5-10 years”, the newspaper considers.
“Aravot” newspaper writes that British Ambassador to Armenia Catherine Lich was in Gyumri yesterday concerning British week opening event. The newspaper asked the Ambassador to express her opinion towards the elections of local authorities which took place in Armenia a month ago. The Ambassador noted some positive changes. She underlined the existence of some violations as well.
“Chorrord inqnishkhanutyun” writes that OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore made an announcement on the International Women’s Day and called on the member countries (so, Armenia as well) must fulfill the responsibilities about gender equality and include women in political, military, economical, ecological and other spheres.  ““The participation of women in conflict resolution and peace processes is essential for establishing constructive dialogue with all stakeholders, and for accommodating all gender-specific concerns at all stages of the conflict cycle”, E. Gilmore especially underlined.
“Iravunq” newspaper writes that the editorial got many angry calls from the citizens after Raffi Hovhannisyan’s patriotic speech at the party conference.  The readers claimed that R. Hovahnnisyan does just the opposite in his life. His son Van Hovhannisyan, born on 1991, should serve at Armenian Army.  But he left for the USA after he graduated from the school. “Heritage” member Styopa Safaryan also confirmed that R. Hovhannisyan’ son lives in the USA. “Van has been in the USA since childhood”, Safaryan said. “And this is Raffi Hovhannisyan’s patriotism which starts and ends just near the microphone”, the newspaper concludes.
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