An Azerbaijani alliance calls on OSCE MG to stop the activities

Activists and 16 non- governmental organizations in Azerbaijan created alliance. These people and organizations are unified with a idea which is to solev Nagorno Karabakh issue by military way. Azerbaijani “Turan” news agency informs about this.

According to the source the organization will increase war moods in the society and will fasten military actions process against Artsakh.

The alliance considers that diplomatic solution of the issue is impossible and any negotiation with the international mediators is just meaningless.  

So they call on OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs to stop their activities immediately.

International society called the sides for many times to find a diplomatic solution for the issue and to exclude the military actions. Armenian, Russian and Azerbaijani Presidents signed various documents which called to find peace solution. Many diplomats call o the same during their speeches. But Azerbaijan does not seem to listen to those calls and that is why they always make troubles for the OSCE MG activities.

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